Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Death Skull Mega Nobs (WIP)

Other projects are keeping me busy until after this weekend, but these are the in progress additions of some armour to my Death Skulls.

Below are the 'Eavy Nobs I am making from the WHFB Black Orc set. The detail on the set is great, and it is nice to have some actual two-handed Big Choppas. I'm keep the changes to a minimum for now, as I really like how these guys look.

I'm also really excited to add a banner.

The next project is a group of Meganobs supporing a warboss in mega-armour. Again, the AoBR Warboss is put to good use. I've seen a lot Meganob conversions using Terminator bits, which is something I wanted to replicate. The Terminator body and legs were just too thin for my beefy Nobs. The face masks are some left over shield bits from the Black Orc box.
I am still debating if I should make any changes to make the Power fists Power Claws.

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