Friday, August 30, 2013

First Bitz Bazaar

      Tomorrow my FLGS is having a Bitz Bazaar. For someone as cheap as me this is great timing for SM pre-release day. This is my first one, and I just pulled out every unit and model that never leaves the boxes. If I am lucky I'll get enough store credit to not feel bad about pre-ordering those horrible Centurions. Since this is my first time getting rid of models I'm posting a picture dump to battle my strange sentimental attachment to these pieces of plastic.

 I still have my other Vindi, and all they seem to be doing lately is ending up as craters. Maybe a Vindi + TFC + Centurion or Devestator Squad or Predator Heavy Support.
 Such a cool model. So many points. So little chance of surviving past Turn 2.
 The Dark Vengeance Tactical Squad. I've been using these guys as proxies to test plasma. I'm hoping someone just wants to pic up some DA painted to a decent quality.
I really do love these guys, but they are just too DA to run with my Space Marines. 

 I like the idea of the KFF, but my HQ slots are going to have 2 Warbosses or Warboss + Warphead.

Death Skulls Update
My primed Mega group. I'm not selling these guys, but thought I should include a project update. These guys and my bikers are on the paint table. I need to convert one of the bikers to a painboy and make the others look a little tougher since I have decided to run them as nobs.


  1. Hold on... A bitz whatnow! Do you trade in unused models for store credit!! I wish my store did that!

  2. Everyone brings in models to trade or sell to each other. Sales are done through store credit so the host actual gets something for having the event.

  3. Cool! I wish they did that here in Ireland!