Friday, August 23, 2013

Terminator Librarian

So, I decided that I would just keep adding to my mountain of unpainted models. I haven't felt like anyone other than a Captain leading my Space Marines made any sense, but it looks like there is not any other choice but a Librarian to have my HQ be at all useful. The rumored changes for Tigerus may make this guy unnecessary, but I had all the parts laying around.

 Unpainted Shot. 

I'm still trying to improve my work with green stuff. I didn't have a Storm Shield in my bits box, so I used a Combat Shield. If my opponent is really going to make a fuss about it, I beat he would have rules lawyered me to death anyway.

Primed Shot.

This weekend will hopefully have me painting some Skaven and my Orks on bikes parade. If I find my spray adhesive I am making that paperhammer terminator my priority project!

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  1. Adding to unpainted models! Damn I know that feeling. Can't wait to see some of those orks!