Friday, September 13, 2013

WIP Centurion Devastators

I am really enjoying putting together this Centurion kit. My big surprise was that GW has actually included all of the weapon options for all 3 models. It is also my first foray into magnetizing, and now I see what everyone has been raving about. My Centuri-Tubbies are growing on me.

Initial assembly. I think I might leave the tabards (?) off.

I am magnetizing the heads in case I want to try and Ork them up as Meganobs.

I posted this to my Facebook group earlier after someone asked for a size comparison.

Almost finished with the initial stages of painting. 

This has nothing to do with Centurions. I am wanting to customize one of my squads so that it would stand out from my standard Tac Squads. 

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  1. If you really want tac squads to stand out, use FW armour. It wouldn't work for my marines, as there is FW everywhere, but for most people, it just makes them look more important!