Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random battle images

I thought if I didn't at least do a random post soon I might never get back to this blog.

The first set of images are me trying out an 1850 SM (Ultramarine Tactics) with Ork Allies. I wanted to mix in a little bit of speed, but just can't bring myself to field SM bikes.

I traveled to a new store. Friendly people, but pretty sparse on terrain. I decided to set up a gunline to try and thin down the Space Wolves before I got stuck in combat.

Stupid drop pods! Why haven't any Xeno players told me how annoying they are?

The Orks managed to thin out some of the Wolves and then got run off the table.

My Centurions were running with Tigirius, who managed to score us a very needed invul save. They stayed locked in combat for about two game turns before being overrun.

Ok, so this is a whole different battle, but I wanted to show pics of the most annoying dog fight ever. This one is a pure SM list.

If you think harder about your choice of table edge, your Land Raider may not get stuck in this position.

Skyshield and that Dark Angels banner of rolling a hundred die when shooting bolters is pretty annoying.

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